What is Steel?

Before you even think about buying a steel product, you should probably know a few things about steel.

So what is steel?

Steel is a type of alloy metal (ones that combine other metals) that is made of iron and some other elements.  The main element is the same one that is the most abundant in living things, which is Carbon.

Carbon Steel is used in a large majority of construction projects for larger and smaller building because of their high tensile strength for the cost associate with the build.  In other words, you can build very strong and stable buildings out of steel for an affordable cost when compared to other building materials.

There is a lost of Carbon in steel but it varies from one steel type to another. Steel is an art form because if it is not “mixed” correctly one can expect a loss in harness, ductile and tensile strength.   Steel, unfortunately is not as ductile as iron but the benefits far outweigh this one area of weakness and is the reason steel has been used for centuries around the world to build large buildings.

Steel, mass produced, can be formed by several processes that have been mastered over thousands of years and the cost production of steel has lowered as the technology has advanced.

Steel is one of the most common materials in the world with over 1 billion tons being produced.  Aside from buildings steel is used for tools, ships, utensils, automobiles, machines, your dishwasher and other appliances and sadly weapons.

Steel comes in various grades and value and is priced accordingly to that grade.

Baroda Steel Suppliers only used the best quality and affordable steel for our buildings.

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