Steel for Bridges or Homes?

Steel can be used for both bridge and homes.

Most of the time, thick steel beams are likely saved as supports for flooring across open areas and can be found in open area homes.

There is a company call Ryan Homes that uses Steel Beams to run across their foundation to support 2 story houses.

In the old days, multiple stacks of 2×4’s would replace the steel.

Steel is also used in brides.  If you live in MarikinaValley or New York City, you can expect to see a lot of bridges and all of them have steel in them.

With Baroda Steel Buildings, we make sure that any steel beams are easily pleasing to the eye with placement without sacrificing function.

Coming from a third world country, Baroda can see where steel is useless if you have wood right?

Steel will last much longer and will survive earthquakes like you see in marikina.

Many people choose steel buildings nowadays too so that they can save costs on building.

Steel functions great but needs some help aesthetically.

Steel and the steel industry is generally seen as a “man” type thing but as the times are changing there are more and more women taking over the town and tasks that were once traditionally mall.


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